Dromedary Dreams is just me, Sjors Jansen. I'm a software developer traditionally but have expanded beyond my inital programming to encompass multiple roles. So mostly I design and create stuff.
The name Dromedary Dreams stands for working toward happiness, or whatever is in the head of a sleeping animal.

I grew up in the northern part of the Netherlands (born 1979), and moved to Berlin in Germany a while ago.
I graduated as a B-ICT (computer science) in 2000 and have worked on numerous projects from a train simulator to educational software, small webgames, data visualization and probably most notably some of the Eidos / Square-enix videogames like Deus ex 3 and the Tomb raider / Lara Croft series.

In 2010 I quit my job to delve into philosophy, neurology and art. I also developed numerous concepts and ideas, of which AnimalAlbum was the best starting point. Which is what I am pouring all of my energy into at this moment.

Please feel free to use the email form on the right side of the page if you want to contact me. It might take a while since I am trying to balance working on the game and talking about it, but I always try to read and respond.

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