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3:18 PM
I made a very small game for the 0hour game jam.
The idea is that as you go from summer to winter time there's one hour that we all pretend doesn't exist. In that hour, you make a game.
I totally love it.

..and slept through it.
I set my alarm according to the website's countdown, but maybe I had the wrong timezone. So I woke up at 2:50. As I'm typing this it's 4:53, but the clock still has to be adjusted to 3:53. I'm going back to bed now.

You can play it here:

I can't remember what exactly I put as the description but..
Basically 2 people have to find each other using only sound.
Arrow keys and WASD control 2 sets of mutations on the same sound.
But because of the inherent rounding errors with floating point numbers, god will never acknowledge that you found each other. It's a bug but I thought it was fitting.
Had no more time anyway.

Oh, advance the text by clicking with the mouse.
And if you don't like the sound god gives you, just refresh the page (F5).

Farewell and good night
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