This is an overview of crowdfunding projects. It's basically the videogame projects on indiegogo and kickstarter with all the spam removed. If there's no video of actual gameplay there's very little chance I'll include it, same goes for most MMO, F2P, and sometimes first or third person 3d games. If the rewards do not mention the full game, or the backer may have to pay for hats or something, I generally exclude it. Sometimes I exclude or include things on a whim, no guarantees.
To be clear: These are not my recommendations. It's just a list which I thought I might as well share. Please consider for yourself wether projects seem feasible and budgets are realistic, I know this can be hard without actual game development experience but a good start could be to look at the Broken Age documentary series. It's more important to understand the why than just looking at numbers and metrics.


Enigma rpg $3000 (flexible funding)

Chase the Shade survival £500 (flexible funding)

Castle Gray top-down action $31000

Maze first person puzzle/adventure $4500 (flexible funding)


Dremico's Halloween Card Matching Game DELUXE memory card game $2000

Queen At Arms visual novel $2500

In The Dead Of Night - Urszula's Revenge real time strategy / tower defense £20000

Whisper Saga - The Beginning first person horror $75000

Marooned 2d survival sandbox $4000

S.W.A.S.H. (Some Weak A** Super Heroes) 2 player runner $600

Forgotten Ball platformer £1800

Major Drip: Case of The Runnies platformer $20000

Porco Grande vr exercise game €45000

Bubble Struggle action $25000

Boss Monster dungeon building card game $85000

Gaomonteras platformer $7300

Space Simulator sim £40000

Flicker arena horror game $2500

Enchanted Kingdom puzzle platformer £6150

P3/V3 god game $20000

Dandy shooter $25000

Archaic dinosaur survival $10000

Rose: Time apart horror adventure $10000

Culina: Hands in the Kitchen visual novel / restaurant sim $10000

Procedra co-op platformer action $2000

Tetropolis platformer $50000

GunWorld action platformer $7000

Zone 416 real-time strategy $25000cad

Station adventure/platformer $33000cad

Super World Karts racing $16000aud

Eternal Step roguelike action rpg £12500

Bears can't drift! racing £19500

Just another bug hunt? 2d survival action £3000

Kôna survival adventure $40000cad

The Sun Also Rises adventure $15000

Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler! adventure $40000

Acky's Reloaded action $10000

The Caretaker third person action $10000

Hard West turn-based strategy $70000

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Panic Pump puzzle €20000 (flexible funding)

Scary Perry platformer $1700aud (flexible funding)

The Last Shot fps $5000 (flexible funding)

Daath Galaxy open world rpg $35000 (flexible funding)

Gravity Pig Reloaded action $500 (flexible funding)

VoidExpanse open world rpg $15000 (flexible funding)


Super Galaxy Squadron shooter $200

Fallen: A2P Protocol turn based strategy $75000

Alasdair’s Quest action rpg $15000

Drew and the Floating Labyrinth 3d platformer $1000cad

A Rite from the Stars adventure $40000

Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries platformer $50000

Caverns of Travencore roguelike rpg $18000aud

Albino Lullaby horror adventure $25000

Comatose horror $20000cad

Lords of Steel turn-based strategy $45000

Extinction third person puzzle adventure $220000nzd

The Clans: Saga of The Twins rpg £300

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead first person horror £37500

Dega Madness action $2600cad

Unhack:Destruction visual novel / puzzle $500aud (funded)

Cavern Kings action $2500 (funded)

Necronomicon: Prelude text adventure $2500

Elysian Shadows action rpg $150000

Engauge! 2d action platformer $50000

The Hum first person horror $250000nzd

Bolt Riley - A Reggae Adventure Game, Chapter 1 adventure $31668

World of Music 3d platformer $8000

Unnecessary Sentience adventure £1000

Call to the Turnabout adventure £3000

Paperbound multiplayer combat $10000

Data Hacker: Reboot rpg £2900

Escape: Sierra Leone fps $10000cad

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Follow The Path first person walking €500 (flexible funding)

Survive the Destroy first person shooter €500 (flexible funding)

Monkey In Space Project third person shooter $35000 (flexible funding)

Crest god game $20000

Dungeon Sickness 2d action €18000 (flexible funding)

Penguin Blocks puzzle action £500 (flexible funding)

Surf Monstros educational action $7000 (flexible funding)

Street Arena racing/shooting $10000 (flexible funding)

Northward co-op management €32000


Tom vs. The Armies of Hell top-down shooter $20000

Jump Shot Basketball Simulation Unity Reboot management $1

The Adventures of Sancho-n-Rusimus platformer $30000

Mifune top-down action adventure $30000

Nyctophobia horror $2500

Razor Island - Dev stage 1 survival/fps £500

Turnover survival stealth $800

Aegis Defenders tactical platformer $65000

Mundus 2d space exploration $7500cad

Slave Driver rts $15000

Gryphon Knight Epic shooter $18000

Real Time Card Game: The Regret of Vitrerran strategy card game $30000

Fritz tactical rpg $15000

Gravia Tactics turn based strategy £120000

Fighters Unleashed beat 'em up $10000

Viridis shooter $15000cad

K.O.L.M. platformer £25000

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Solius: The Magic Castle platformer $12000

Space Survivors first person survival $10000 (flexible funding)

QuestEvent rpg €10000 (flexible funding)

Ball Simulator sim $1500 (flexible funding)

Stingray management £1000 (flexible funding)

Chick Chick Chicky Deluxe action £3000 (flexible funding)

Who's There? horror $60000 (flexible funding)

Shock Tour - Seat 13 Horror adventure / runner $25000 (flexible funding)

The Outer Planet multiplayer first person space shooter $2000 (flexible funding)

Project New Horizon first person shooter $250000 (flexible funding)


Smoking Metal Zombies shooter $5000

Braven Arts rpg $20000

Rogue Story first person rpg £100

Vanguard Valkyrie shooter $198000

The Starving Dead action adventure $119000cad

Runner third person runner $15000cad

Jenny LeClue adventure $65000

North to Hollow Grove rpg $10000

Games Of Glory multiplayer arena battle $100000

Jotun 2d action-adventure $50000cad

Highway to the Moon shooter $5000

Deus Ex Machina interactive movie £5750

Run Gun Dungeon shooter $13000

Marooned: Arcanus Island survival £2000

fump puzzle action $43789

Sphericus Maximus platformer $8000

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Genedyne online action strategy $120000 (flexible funding)

Slipshot shooter €1000

3D Car Park driving $10000 (flexible funding)

Star Planet survival $5000 (flexible funding)

Obsidium strategy action $5000 (flexible funding)

Swipe Knight platformer $37000 (flexible funding)

As the world ends survival strategy $1200 (flexible funding)


Snot platformer £25000

Knuckle Club beat 'em up $25000

Inherit the Earth: Sand and Shadows adventure $160000

Bacon Man platformer $20000

Enchanted Kingdome puzzle platformer £6500

Tree Simulator 2014 sim $500aud

Greyfox rpg $20 (funded)

Gas platformer $10000cad

Ninja Pizza Girl platformer $35000aud

Phyre puzzle action €6000

Toxic Mesh first person shooter £250

Raw Festival shooter £10000

Undead Skirmish action $1200

Day or Doom action strategy board game $350000

Wondrous Adventures third person action adventure $42000

Survive the Nights survival £12000

Ford Frenzy beat 'em up $8500cad

bites action $5000

Epanalepsis adventure $4000

Debugger puzzle action £5000

Mukashi action adventure £8000

Cube27 puzzle $700

Germ Rush puzzle $3000

Solarix first person horror/shooter £10000

A.V. stealth puzzle $5500

Subject 13 adventure $40000

Robo's World: The Zarnok Fortress action platformer $10000cad

Smash It! sim $200

MotoGP Manager management £1500

Sterejip: Origins rpg $100000

Soul Sword rpg $1000

After Reset rpg $35000 (funded)

Joan Mad Run action $35000cad

Heat Race Pinball pinball/racing £25000

Stak Bots LIVE strategic card game £1000

Bacon Chancho action $5000

Avalon Galaxy third person sandbox $10000

Cartoneros action board game $65000

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Beating X Death third person multiplayer action $14735 (flexible funding)

Flatman platformer $20000 (flexible funding)

Shifumi Battle Full Version 1 turn based strategy €4000

Mad Mechanic platformer $7297 (flexible funding)

Panchito Chepas adventure €6000

Get To Her platformer $600 (flexible funding)

The Adventures of Sam and Hunni rpg $970 (flexible funding)

Cars Incorporated 0.4 UI Revamp management €2500 (flexible funding)

Blaze Ball action $500 (flexible funding)

Rampage Knights side scrolling beat 'em up $10000


Radial-G racing £50000

Mighty Tactical Shooter turn based shooter £10000

Apocalypse Neighbors turn based strategy £15000

Dynasty Football management $15000

Pesky Humans arcade adventure game $125 (funded)

Coffin Dodgers racing £65000

Fat Beets action puzzle $10000

Pyrella platformer $16000

Luna : Timeless mmorpg $5000

Crucible shooter $10000

Grapple Force Rena platformer $7000

Legena: Union Tides rpg £5000

BaoJia Hero third person action adventure $3000

Princess Pow action $3000

Rocket Rabbit Racers racing $5000

Seasion shooter $9000nzd

Resurrection first person shooter $160000

Bulb Boy adventure $40000

The Wild Wild Pixel adventure $45000

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Karma. Incarnation 1 adventure $35000 (flexible funding)

Dungeonforge action rpg $4000 (flexible funding)

Insane Asylum horror $500 (flexible funding)

Space Cavern action $5000 (flexible funding)

Forsaken Uprising first person mmo $20000 (flexible funding)

The Tower first person action adventure £40000 (flexible funding)

Project Nemoria rpg €500 (flexible funding)

Astrons customizable platformer $10000

Poodle Jump platformer $30000 (flexible funding)

Kaiju-A-Gogo action strategy $20000 (flexible funding)


Timespinner action platformer $50000

Ringway of Cyclones mmorpg £8000

Destruction Paper action platformer $5000

Hexagone action strategy $2000

Whiskers of Death first person shooter $50000

Wild Warfare first person shooter $24000cad

Dangerzone action $15550cad

Old Scratch platformer $10000

The Deer God platformer $26000

TerraTech vehicle construction and combat £35000

Splee & Glob: Monster Defense action rts £60000

The Hit first person shooter/stealth £20000

Insomnia action rpg $70000

Pixel Soccer soccer £25000

Crypt Hunter first person adventure £1500

Taken horror $9000

Temporus platformer / shooter $20000

Xeno Galaxies first person shooter / sandbox / space trader $45000cad

The Legend of Sonia action rpg $12000

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Move Here puzzle $15000

Through The Shadows - Episode One - Chapter One first person adventure $5000 (flexible funding)

James Journey third person action rpg $20000 (flexible funding)

Aware survival $8000 (flexible funding)

CR-Fighter shooter $3000 (flexible funding)

Ukrainian Ninja action platformer $850 (flexible funding)

Spherical Adventure third person puzzle platformer $20000 (flexible funding)


Fault milestone one visual novel $5000

For My Brother platformer $150000

Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows third person stealth $70000

Sunset first person adventure $25000 (funded)

Glitch rpg $10000

Catlateral Damage first person platformer $40000

Quantum Rush: Champions racing $36000

Dark With Extra Light (DWEL) platformer £3500

Tower Tycoon sim $12000

Runner Oblivion first person platformer £100

Solar Storm spaceship management £30000

Loot Hero DX action $5000

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The Crack tower defense / first person shooter $50000 (flexible funding)

Geometry Heroes shooter $850 (flexible funding)

SDW shooter $3000 (flexible funding)

Alfie - The Angry Alien Saga shooter $2500 (flexible funding)

Dr. Space astral trip third person action adventure €1200 (flexible funding)

Water Vs. Fire tower defense $800 (flexible funding)

Crazy Flying Squirrel wingsuit skydiving sim $16500 (flexible funding)

Real Zombie Situation survival shooter $3750 (flexible funding)

Croko third person platformer $43000 (flexible funding)


Broeder: The Secrets of Ohr rpg $7777

Island X survival $20000

Swipe Fight action $2200

Deadskins platformer & first/third person shooter $365000

Explosive Dinosaurs minigames $20000

HomeMake platform adventure $15000

Hard Rain puzzle action $5555

Reverie rpg $10000

Paparazzi action $5000

Safety in Numbers strategy $1000

GeneRally 2 racing £20000

World End Economica visual novel $22000 (funded)

Thanataria: Rise of the Fallen rpg $5000

Hatch-It! puzzle $15000

Keyron third person shooter / tower defense €10000

Son Of LEO action rpg $2300

Mathbreakers! educational $42000

EmergeNYC third person sim / rts $10000

The Aegis Effect third person survival $350000

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Galactic Air Force Saotome shooter $5000 (flexible funding)

Devious rpg $32000 (flexible funding)

First Person Tennis tennis €10000 (flexible funding)

The ultimate zombie game first person survival $5000 (flexible funding)

Eternal Desert Sunshine third person shooter platformer $10000 (flexible funding)

Bust'em Bandits pinball €11,000 (flexible funding)

Survival Games survival $10000 (flexible funding)

Tormentum adventure $9000

Black Tower Enigma puzzle adventure $500

Apeiron educational $3000 (flexible funding)

Hat Cat puzzle platformer $500

Ananias roguelike $5999

Nomad Rocks tower defense €6000 (flexible funding)


Sheltered strategy £15000

Land of Labyrinth third person action adventure $35000cad

Bearzerkers multiplayer action racing $8000aud

Blue Balloon 2d puzzle platformer £5000

See No Evil puzzle action $2000

Mechagami 2d platform action $5000

FranknJohn roguelike action £30000

Data Hacker: Reboot rpg £3800

Shootin' Stuff fps $12000

Deep Space Investigators: The Dark Nebulus action $15000

Believe rpg £100

Ward "Nex Rising" side scrolling beat 'em up $45000

Tic Toc: Time is your sandbox 2d platformer sandbox $15000aud

Together: Amna & Saif co-op puzzle action $10000

Dark Deception first person horror $50000

A Song for Viggo adventure $20000

High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition poker $200000

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