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Faults & Failure
What I like about the way the minijam is set up is that there's no contest. This allows people to show faults. And by doing that, it allows everybody else to learn or at least to take note of a bunch of issues they could run into.

Tobias' blog post on the last jam did exactly that for instance, describing how a lot of time was spent on technical issues:
I try to always at least include some faults in my own tiny minijam postmortems, even if I've just done graphics up till now. But in the future I'd like to point them out more during presentations if I get the chance and don't forget them.

A big part of the world we live in focuses on how to succeed, how to live the fast life and stuff. We're surrounded by contests and competition with all the american idol/deutschland sucht den superstar/big brother and all of those people-judging-programs. So it's natural to approach things in that way. And of course there's nothing wrong with trying to make a good impression or learning how to do a very slick presentation.
But I'm at least very happy with the relaxed attitude the minijam provides. Thank you all very much for that.

And more technical, in light of faults I guess I can mention something I've been running into lately which ended up costing me a couple of days to narrow it down. Flash-based code has a bit of a problem loading certain colors. You won't see it really but reading an image slightly alters the RGB values for some colors from the original images.
I was working on expanding the tile tool when I smacked into it. I noticed it before when using DAME (a tile based editor based on Adobe AIR) but ignored it. So in case you ever do pixel math or compare two images, be very aware of this. Not all images will behave.
I posted the bug report to Adobe here, but they haven't looked into it so far:
There's also another issue with at least the last couple of flash content debuggers where pixels are duplicated at half transparency basically making everything look slightly blurry. That bug is documented here:

I spent way too much time on this myself figuring it had to be something wrong in my own code. So hopefully this saves somebody else some time.

Also Haxe / OpenFL (not a typo), known for being an open source way to code for multiple platforms at once, is getting better. 6 Months ago things worked very differently on Flash than on Android or Windows. But it's getting closer to just building the same code for different platforms and it then automagically working.
Some issues:
* Sounds are finicky, you need to use a mix of mp3 and wav/ogg for music + sfx.
* Events sometimes don't trigger if you set weakreferences to true.
* Graphics scale differently on different platforms, haven't looked into it too much yet. (Beck - loser)
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