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July Minijam (Flotsam in the darkness)

So the result of the first minijam from my perspective.
First off, I totally liked it, it was great seeing all the creativity, I absolutely do not care if something doesn't work, I think everybody did great. It was also funny to hear the total chaotic noise when people were brainstorming and then the silence when people were realizing "Oh no, it's almost time, but I still want to stick this in the game!".

The themes were light & darkness, pixelart, retrostyle & what's in the box?

How did we get from theme to game?
This time I worked in a team of three java programmers and one bad artist (myself).
We started out by brainstorming about the themes in general for quite a while, immediately coming up with Schroedinger's cat. And more stuff like quantum boxes, alone in the woods with a lighthouse, having to survive in the dark, an employee of an warehouse that gets locked in the dark by his mean boss and panicking and going insane in the dark.
So we sort of brainstormed around the mechanics, which I think was a total plus from a pragmatic perspective. After we got those basic elements down we searched for a story or theme to go with that.

We finally settled on the aftermath of an airplane crash. You are alone, floating on a piece of wreckage between the flotsam. You quickly realize there are seamonsters in the dark and that you'll need to stay in the light to survive.

We weren't able to get all of it into the game but this was the first minijam for all of us.

Lessons learned?
- For myself, as the graphics artist, I first created placeholder art to give the programmers a very quick impression of what it was going to look like. After that I did a pass that was a little more serious. The downside of that was that I spent too much time on the placeholder art. The plus side was that we decided to change the lighthouse graphic because we thought it would fit better with the lightbeam rotating mechanic.
- We sort of brainstormed on the mechanics, that was very pragmatic and ensured we knew exactly what work needed to be done. Story was tacked on after that (apologies to all the game writers out there).
- Disco lighthouses are cool, even if they were not made on purpose. The world would be a better place with more of them around.

Free stuff!
Below are some of the graphics I made. You can also download them in a zip file and use them in future jams yourself. My work in this jam is public domain.

placeholder graphics

Some of the final graphics (more in the zip)

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