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September minijam (Disappointing apocalypse)

This will be a tiny, tiny, small postmortem. Mostly because I didn't do very much. Luckily pictures tell more than words, and those we got. I apologize for the lousy picture quality, I took most of them in the subway with my phone. Hopefully that can be appreciated as an embodiment of the hardcore indie experience~~.

So, this time our team consisted of three programmers (Ludwig, Janosch, Fabian), one artist (Andree) and a guy who can't draw but is too stubborn not to (me). The themes were: Disappointing apocalypse, Lab experiment & I don't want to be seen.

(Drawn in 4 seconds by Andree)

How did we get from theme to game?
The brainstorm process was interesting with a large group that later split into two teams. The idea of a scientist (lab experiment) who's looking for the most efficient way to create an apocalypse (disappointing) formed very quickly. And it was accepted from the start. So the player steps into the shoes of this scientist in the lab and tries to craft different elements together and test out the resulting effects on the unsuspecting populace. (The scientist is kind of a mean bastard).

(Top notch design work right here :), notice the deleted buttons on the right)

We did a pretty good job from the start deciding on what needed to be drawn. We sketched some stuff to get everybody on the same page quickly. And some small changes were made during the process. The programmers delivered a list of scenarios and elements they needed, complete with filenames so it could be slotted right into the game. Very efficient.

(The base elements)

Lessons learned:
* Less talk. More work. (That goes for me, and just me. Also: eat less cake)
* Do not change filenames when updating artwork. It saves hassle for getting the updated graphics into the game.
* Squeezing lemons while holding hands makes me feel weird.
* Beavers rock.

Free stuff!
As always the graphics I made during the jam are public domain, feel free to steal them and tell your friends and family it was you who drew them. You can get them at Some examples below.

Also qubodup provided the latest download links for the game:
Windows exe:
.love file (zipped source):
The love file can be run with love installed from here
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