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Source code
Here's the source code for the sandboxy thing in the last entry.
I wrote it in Haxe 3, with openfl & haxeflixel. I used Flashdevelop as a coding environment. Dame (Deadly Alien Map Editor) to edit the level. And a combination of Photoshop CS3 and Paint for the amazing graphics.
I exported the game to Flash so it can be displayed here, but the strength of Haxe & Openfl is that you can export it for a lot of platforms, windows, linux, mac, android, iphone, blackberry etc.. Though you need a mac for the mac platforms and visual studio express for windows etc.. but take a look if that interests you. It's all free stuff.
It's also very new, openfl used to be nme, and so currently there are some hassles. My windows executable crashes at startup for instance. But android works.

This blog/host by the way is one of the few I could find that let's you upload any kind of file, as long as it's <15MB, so it is pretty much ideal for a blog with some actual games. It also has extensive html css editing support. It is not as easy to setup as wordpress if you want something a bit more custom, as it has a lot of settings, but so far I totally recommend it.

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