You can play the demo here.

For gamers, AnimalAlbum is a semi co-op role playing adventure game about animals. You can think of it as a Pokemon game with real animals but without the fighting. That's not all though.
The game has influences of mario world regarding map design and it's bitesized levels, of shadowrun regarding conversation and keyword based dialog options, of megaman regarding progression and choice, of mana regarding co-op dynamics..
And of course it has a special way of dealing with random encounters.

For non gamers, AnimalAlbum is a videogame where you explore a world and discover and learn about a large variety of animals along the way. It takes a very laid back approach to the adventure and obstacles are generally overcome by exploring, talking and gaining insight into connections between people.
The game also allows for a helper player to jump in or out at any time and play along with the main player.

AnimalAlbum loosely talks about the themes of nature and technology. I'm trying to convey a sense of kindness and also a little bit of sadness in it's world.

The game is still very much a work in progress. Please do not underestimate the amount of time and work that goes into one of these things.

For more information please check out some of the screenshots and keep an eye on the development posts where I will try to document all of the possibilities of the game and the decisions that go into its creation. Of course you can also send me your questions using the email form on the right and I will try to reply as soon as I have time.

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