Hi! Welcome to the web-demo for AnimalAlbum. (5-5-2014)

It takes a bit to load (15 MB), so please have a look at the controls below.
Everything in the demo is work in progress and subject to change. This is just a small web-based version of the real game which will be released in May 2015.
With that said, if you wanted to get a quick idea of what AnimalAlbum is about, then this is a good place to start.
Thank you for playing!

Use the arrow keys to walk around.
Press enter to talk to people.
Use the mouse to click on things.
- When talking to people you can ask about certain things by clicking on the keywords in the "ask about" menu.
- You can also click on the album and heart icons at the bottom to look into their respective menu's.
Sometimes when you're standing in tall grass or bushes, the screen flashes. Press the spacebar to go into an encounter.

Technical notes:

For this flash demo I've had the best results with Firefox & Opera.
Chrome showed some vague visual hickups.
Internet Explorer sometimes scaled the pixels, producing visual artefacts.
On touch devices Internet Explorer has some difficulties with mouse input (it does not treat the focus on the flash app differently, so windows pop-up menu's can appear).

My apologies for these issues, I can offer you the flash file directly so you can download the game and play it in Adobe's flash projector. To download the flash file, right click and select save-as.
Of course, the full game should not have these issues as it will be an OS-specific version.

If you liked the demo, please spread the word or support the kickstarter :)

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