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by Sjors Jansen
Estimated release:
Videogame for PC, Windows.
Linux & MacOS are possible.
Android, Ipad & Iphone maybe.
Estimated price:
USD $12
EUR €10
GBP £8


Hi Press! How ya doin'?

I am not a company, I have no PR department.
I want as little overhead as possible and am not here to get rich.
So you can talk to me directly. And I'll talk back:

(If you are not videogames press and do not know common videogame terminology: great! Please get in contact. Most of the coverage will likely be done by the videogames press, so this page is geared to that. I'm hoping though, that the game is interesting to the world in general. So if you do not regularly cover videogames I'd be very interested in talking to you. And of course if you do, well, I like videogames! ;)

What is AnimalAlbum?

Quick list:
- Adventure game, as in talking, actively thinking about connections between characters.
- JRPG, exploring a world, looking for animals.
- Different sort of battles/encounters. It's about what you know. Encounters are not mandatory.
- Real animals, real data, real knowledge.
- Jump in, jump out co-op play. One player is the leader (child), other is the follower (mum or dad).

AnimalAlbum is a semi co-op role playing adventure game about animals.
The adventure part is not just thrown in, it really is like a traditional adventure game in that there is a focus on talking and getting players to think about connections between characters.
You can think of it as a Pokemon game with real animals but without the fighting. Encounters are about wits and knowledge, and are not mandatory in the typical JRPG way. The goal is to find new animals, learn about them and explore the world.

The game also allows for a helper player to jump in or out at any time and play along with the main player much like Secret of Mana except that one player is clearly the helper. The cooperation is meant for a parent (or teacher) to play along with their child, where the child is the main player.

AnimalAlbum loosely talks about the themes of nature and technology, if and how those intermingle. It's very light. I'm trying to convey a sense of kindness and also a little bit of sadness in its world.

It is still very much a work in progress.
Please check out the development section for more detailed information.


I grew up in the northern part of the Netherlands (born 1979). In 2000 I graduated as a B-ICT (computer science) and worked on numerous projects from a train simulator to educational cd-rom games, small webgames, data visualization and probably most notably some of the Eidos / Square-enix videogames like Deus ex 3 and the Tomb raider / Lara Croft series.

In 2010 I quit my job to delve into philosophy, neurology and art. I lived in relative isolation in the middle of nowhere for a couple of years. In that time, besides growing food, chopping wood and deer getting eaten by wolves in the backyard, I also developed numerous concepts and ideas.

Of those AnimalAlbum was the best starting point. And the need for this game was also illustrated by a letter to Science magazine that came to my attention. It was written by Andrew Balmford, Lizzie Clegg, Tim Coulson, and Jennie Taylor, published in 29 March 2002. Basically it said: Our kids can rattle off the names of 150 Pokemon, so why aren't we doing something to get them to be that interested in real animals?

So I moved to Berlin in Germany a while ago (there's no internet in the middle of nowhere). And that game is what I am pouring all of my energy into at this moment. Except for one day a month where I do small 8 hour software experiments mostly as part of the Berlin Minijam. It is a case of too many ideas, and too little time and money.

It is possible that I will try a crowdfunding campaign. I'm not sure if people would support this but I'd really like to see this grow, see where it can go. Ideally the game would encompass all known animals.


Take a look at the media section please.


2000 x 1958

800 x 783

2000 x 960
(Concept art by Katrina Lin)

2000 x 998
(Concept art by Michail Mamaschew)

2400 x 1800

600 x 400

1024 x 1024

1580 x 1024 (transparant)

1580 x 1024 (opaque)


I have been quoted and asked to speak, but mostly related to comments or articles I wrote on Gamasutra.
I was nominated to get second place in the NLGD Game Development Rally 2008 but I forfeited due to concerns I had with a breach of exclusivity contract and general student exploitation.
In 2014 I was a judge for the A MAZE. Festival.

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Did I miss your article? Please let me know. I always try to keep up and respond if I can make myself useful.
All forms of coverage are appreciated.

Press releases
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